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According to the American Plastic Surgeon Society, the amount of plastic surgery procedures and treatments sought has increased by 115% from 2000 to 2015. This confirms cosmetic surgery as an accepted method to treat mental, medical, and cosmetic ailments thanks to a diminishing social stigma and improved practice techniques.

At Egozi Plastic Surgery Center in Clearwater, Florida patients receive treatment using the most advanced tools and modern techniques ensuring safety, comfort, and efficiency.

Possible Treatments

Each treatment is individually designed to fit the unique needs of every patient. Dr. Egozi and his staff can offer a broad spectrum of cosmetic surgery procedures including all kinds of lifts, liposuction’s, augmentations, and injectable treatments.

Lifts can be performed on the face, neck, buttocks, thighs, back, arms, and breasts. These procedures can be conducted simultaneously to achieve the most efficient results or as part of a grander treatment plan that may include breast augmentation and liposuction in the context of a mommy makeover.

Injectable treatments, such as Botox or Juvederm, are less invasive procedures whose results are observed for up to a year or more. They treat facial wrinkles and lines to create a youthful appearance.

Facials are a favored treatment. They include massages, moisturizers, exfoliation, cleaning, and medical grade microdermabrasion to treat acne scarring and enlarged pores. Egozi Plastic Surgery Center, Clearwater Florida

Planning for Plastic Surgery

Anyone considering the possibility of undergoing plastic surgery must empower his or herself by becoming educated on the topic. Potential patients should focus on what they wish to achieve, what part of their body they want to treat, and their reasoning for doing so.

Before any treatment, it is important to schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Egozi and his staff. This meeting provides the team the opportunity to evaluate each patient so as to provide the best recommendations as possible. Similarly, the consultation serves as an educational experience for the prospective patient. They can ask questions, receive clarification, and learn about the specific techniques and equipment.

Benefits of the Egozi Plastic Surgery Center

The Egozi Plastic Surgery Center employs a highly trained and educated group of staff. Modern tools and treatment techniques are utilized to ensure patient safety, satisfaction, and comfort.

The team takes pride in helping patients improve their self-esteem, confidence, and poise; treating medical ailments such as acne scarring, deviated septums, burns, and poor posture, and helping patients achieve the youthful appearance that they want.

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