Lead by Dr. Eric I Egozi, Tampa Plastic Surgery provides patients with a luxurious and safe cosmetic surgery experience.

Serving the Tampa area for over a decade, Dr. Egozi and his team utilize the most modern and advanced techniques and equipment in the plastic surgery industry.

Since 2000, the United States has seen the number of cosmetic surgery procedures performed double. In 2015, over 15 million procedures were performed compared to the plus 7 million executed in 2000. The development of new, diverse, and safer methods as well as the progressive perception society now has of plastic surgery; all have played a role in the industries growth.

Tampa Plastic Surgeon Eric Egozi

Tampa Plastic Surgeon Eric Egozi

So, What Are The Benefits?

The benefits of cosmetic surgery are unique to each patient. However, mental and physical health is the most frequent beneficiaries. Patients often seek cosmetic surgery to injuries such as burns, lacerations, or acne scarring. Others seek the rewards of plastic surgery for more serious medical reasons such as tumor removal. While, others look to treat birth defects, such as deviated septums, which cause breathing difficulties.

Patients also opt for surgery for more personal reasons such as to reconstruct their bodies to close to their pre-child birth appearance.

The mental benefits of cosmetic surgery are valuable. Many patients come in feeling self-conscious because of birth defects or past injuries. Their self-esteem, confidence, and sexuality tend to suffer. Reconstructive surgery is seen by many as a solution or stimulus to rebuilding positive images of their selves, thus improving their confidence and self-esteem.

What Type of Treatment is Available?

The Egozi Plastic Surgery Center offers a plethora of cosmetic surgery options. Patients can choose from breast augmentations, lifts, or reductions, as well as thigh lifts, facelifts, facial treatment, nose jobs, tummy tucks, mommy makeovers, liposuction, and much more. Injectable treatments such as Juvederm, Restylane, and Botox are all available as well.

Want to Learn More?

To discover more about the Egozi Plastic Surgery Center and cosmetic surgery, schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Egozi and his staff. The meeting will assist as an opportunity for the doctor to evaluate potential patients and duly provide recommendations. Similarly, potential patients will be able to ask questions, view the facilities, and become more educated about how cosmetic surgery could help them.

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