What is SculpSure™

A new and non-invasive fat removing laser that can drastically reduce the presence of annoying fat areas on the body. The areas are among the most concerning for patients, as burning off the final layers of unyielding fat is extremely difficult for many. The sides and abdominal areas, as well as back fat, arm bulges, and leg saddle bags, are often resistant to common methods, including dieting and exercise. It is is a non-surgical body contouring method that can eradicate pockets of fat in under about 25 minutes. The procedure uses a hyperthermic laser to target fat cells for a slimmer, more shaped appearance. Reducing fat through this process leaves no scars and does not require days of rest. Those looking for a quick, non-surgical answer to diminishing fat can benefit from undergoing treatment at Egozi Plastic Surgery Center in Tampa, where we perform hyperthermic laser fat elimination in our state of the art treatment rooms.

About the Procedure
The new and innovative process require roughly 25 minutes to complete. Unlike common body sculpting procedures, patients do not need to undergo anesthesia or incisions. Rather, it operates specialized applicators that are fitted to the target zones. Up to 4 areas can be positioned around the fat pockets, depending on the specifics of your plan, as well as your desired results. The Egozi Plastic Surgery Center SculpSure™ machine produces heat energy that is passed to the targeted fat cells through the specialized applicator(s) while providing cooling to comfort the skin and minimize discomfort during the procedure. The warmth created from the device loosens fat cells from surrounding tissue. Over time, these fat cells are naturally removed by the body. Patients can resume their daily routines quickly following a treatment. For many, the results can be seen in the subsequent weeks following your procedure. Moreover, these results are long-lasting, as lost fat cells cannot re-enter the body after being eliminated from the system. Tamps Plastic Surgery | Egozi Plastic Surgery Center

How Do I Find Out More?

The doctors and staff at Egozi Plastic Surgery Center in Tampa will be happy to discuss SculpSure™ with you.

Call us at (727) 461-5872 to make an appointment for a personal consultation at our office.


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