Treatments to Remove Bulbous Nose in Tampa, FL

Many people don’t like the natural shape or size of their noses. This greatly impacts their self-confidence. While there are no scientific standards to define the perfect size of the nose, people are often drawn toward a slimmer, pointed nose instead of a bulbous nose, mainly due to societal beauty standards.

If you’re born with a bulbous nose, rhinoplasty can solve your problem easily. It is a procedure that reduces and reshapes your nose. Here is a complete guide on a bulbous nose tip, its causes, and possible treatment.

What Is a Bulbous Nose Tip?

A bulbous nose is identified with a rounded and enlarged tip. It occurs mainly due to an imbalance between both halves of the nose. The imbalance or disproportion occurs when the nasal tip is wider than the nasal bridge, giving the nose a harsh curve.

What Causes a Bulbous Nose?

A bulbous nose is generally a genetic condition. However, several physiological factors may lead to its development at any stage of life. These include:

  • Larger Lower Lateral Cartilage: People with an oversized lower lateral cartilage are more likely to have a bulbous nose tip.
  • Convex Lower Lateral Cartilage: The lower lateral cartilage is expected to be relatively flat or gently convex. In the case of a bulbous nose, these cartilages are improperly rounded.
  • Vertical Cartilage: The nasal tip appears fuller and rounded when the cartilage position is more vertical than usual.
  • Heavy Soft Tissue Coverage: Excessive soft tissue on the nose tip also makes the nose look bulbous.

Your nose may look bulbous due to one of these factors or several of them. However, unlike popular opinion, alcoholism doesn’t cause a bulbous nose as both phenomena have no connection.

Common Treatments for Bulbous Nose

How to get rid of a bulbous nose naturally? If you search this online, you’ll see a few ‘’treatments’’ and ‘’remedies’’. However, they’re not backed by scientific evidence. We believe those methods are only myths, and rhinoplasty is the best treatment for a bulbous nose.

Cosmetic surgery is changing the world with newer, more effective techniques. People with bulbous noses need to find a surgeon who knows about the latest procedures and specializes in executing them flawlessly.

The good news is that rhinoplasty can narrow down your nose by repositioning the cartilage where it’s supposed to be. Know that the rhinoplasty procedure varies from person to person, depending on their nose shape.

Bulbous Nose Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty is a modern treatment for a bulbous nose. It aims to narrow down the broad tip of your nose to create balanced proportions between your face shape and nose size.

Dr. Egozi uses unique and customized techniques to refine the rounded nasal tip and reconfigure the cartilage positioning in your nose. All this is done without touching your nasal structure, so the natural look of your nose won’t be compromised.

Here are some standard techniques used to execute the rhinoplasty flawlessly:

1. Cartilage Removal and Refining

Removing excessive or unnecessary cartilage from your nasal tip and refining the remaining is essential in rhinoplasty. Dr. Egozi performs this technique skillfully and minimizes the roundness of your nose to give you a perfect face-nose balance.

2. Suturing the Nasal Tip

Rhinoplasty also includes suturing techniques to give your nose tip a sharper yet natural appearance. With the latest tools, Dr. Egozi is proficient in refining your bulbous nose tip with sutures.

3. Open and Closed Rhinoplasty

A closed rhinoplasty is the best treatment option for bulbous noses. Contrastingly, an open rhinoplasty is most-suitable for more advanced reshaping and refining the nose tip.

In a closed rhinoplasty, the surgeon makes the incisions inside your nostrils to prevent visible scarring on the nose. Meanwhile, the open rhinoplasty includes one incision made across the columella, a tissue strip that divides both nostrils. In addition, it also includes more incisions inside the nostrils.

Since only a tiny incision is made on the outer layer of your nose, open rhinoplasty is unnoticeable and usually heals well. To know which rhinoplasty is best for you,connect with Dr. Egozi for a detailed consultation.

Benefits of Bulbous Nose Rhinoplasty Surgery

Everyone has the right to feel their best. If enhancing your facial features does the job, that’s the one reason to consider undergoing rhinoplasty. Other benefits of this surgical nose job procedure include:

  • Reduces the Roundedness: The primary purpose of rhinoplasty is to create a balance between your nose and face. When your nose tip and bridge look proportional in size and width, your face radiates the perfect harmony of all the features.
  • Enhances Facial Symmetry: Rhinoplasty enhances your facial symmetry by eliminating the unpleasing imbalance between the face and the nose.
  • Straightens the Nose Bridge: This cosmetic surgery also smoothes your bridge bumps to give your nose a more straight and defined appearance.
  • Narrows Nasal Bones: Rhinoplasty narrows your wide nasal bones that make your nose look broad and large.
  • Treats a Crooked Nose: A crooked nose gives your face an undesirable sharpness. With rhinoplasty, you can get a gently-curved nose that will boost your confidence for the rest of your life.
  • Promotes Overall Health: Rhinoplasty also enhances your overall health by improving sinus issues. This helps you breathe without any problems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Causes a Nose to Become Bulbous?

A bulbous nose is a genetic disorder. However, it can be developed as you grow due to several physiological factors, such as larger lower lateral cartilage, convex lower lateral cartilage, vertical cartilage position, and heavy soft-tissue coverage in the nose tip.

Can a Bulbous Nose Be Reduced?

Yes, a bulbous nose can be reduced with rhinoplasty. It is a nose job surgery that involves reducing the rounded nasal tip by making incisions in the cartilage of the nose. This gives your nose a balanced, pointed, and refined nose.

Why Choose Dr. Egozi for Your Bulbous Nose Treatments?

Whether you live in Tampa Bay or nearby, Dr. Egozi is the most reliable, board-certified plastic surgeon to treat your bulbous nose. Apart from being highly qualified, he is also a friendly individual with an excellent sense of beauty and facial detailing.

If you’re reluctant to go for the rhinoplasty, Dr. Egozi will guide you through every step of the process. He will also evaluate whether rhinoplasty is the right choice for you, success changes, recovery duration, and everything you’re confused about.

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