The Egozi Plastic Surgery Center located nearby Belleair, Florida has been producing stellar results for their patients for over a decade. By continuously innovating their techniques and using the most modern tools, Dr. Egozi, and his staff has created a treatment center that provides patients with a safe and comfortable experience that results in pleasing outcomes.

Since 2000, the demand for plastic surgery has increased, changing the plastic surgery industry. Cosmetic surgery on its own is viewed upon in a more favorable way than in decades past, which in part have led to the increase in sought after treatments. Overall, the industry’s standards have improved, and the Egozi Plastic Surgery Center is proud to be one of the leaders in said improvements.

Reasons For Plastic Surgery in Belleair, Florida

 Reasons for requiring or opting for plastic surgery are plenty. Plastic surgery is necessary fo burn wounds, deviated septum’s, cleft lips, and tumor removals as part of medical treatment. Reconstructive surgery may also be required to treat injuries caused by serious accidents.

Other times, patients seek plastic surgery for reasons unrelated to their physical health. Scars or other visible evidence of traumatic experiences can be a burden and ugly reminder for some people. Cosmetic surgery can be the answer for erasing signs of the past, helping patients move on with their lives.

Egozi Plastic Surgery Center, Belleair FloridaOverall, plastic surgery can be a significant boost in a person’s life, helping improve their self-esteem and confidence, while also possibly improving their body image perception. The circumstances surrounding each patient’s decision to opt for plastic surgery is personal and must be respected.

What Types of Procedures Are Available?

 The Egozi Plastic Surgery Center nearby Lutz offers a mix of invasive and non-invasive procedures. Invasive procedures involve a surgical process that may require anesthesia and usually requires longer recovery periods. Non-invasive treatments do not require recovery periods, although the effects last for a shorter time.

Examples of invasive procedures are liposuction, tummy tucks, lifts in various parts of the body, breast augmentations, reductions, and reconstructions, or a mix of these proceedings such as a mommy makeover. Non-invasive procedures include facial treatments and injectables. Facials involve massages, warm mitts, moisturizers, microdermabrasion, cleaning, and cleansing, and are excellent for treating acne scarring and enlarged pores, while inducing relaxation. Juvederm, Botox, Radiesse, and Sculptra are examples of injectables that treat wrinkles and skin lines.

Where to Start

The first step before receiving treatment is scheduling an initial consultation appointment. Dr. Egozi evaluates patients during this time and provides recommendations that fit their wants and needs. Patients get the opportunity to view the facilities and become comfortable with the staff.

Contact the office to schedule your first meeting.