The Egozi Plastic Surgery Center, located nearby Odessa Woods, Florida, is one of the nation’s most highly regarded plastic surgery providers in the country. For over a decade Odessa Woods Plastic Surgery worked with patients to ensure a safe and comfortable stay, with desirable and pleasing results. By using modern equipment, advanced methods, continuously innovating their practice, and staying up to date with the industry’s most recent research, Dr. Egozi has maintained his practice’s status as a prestigious plastic surgery center.

Procedures Available

There are a variety of plastic and cosmetic procedures available at the Egozi Plastic Surgery Center. Tummy tucks, liposuction, mommy makeovers, breast augmentation, reconstructive, and reduction, and lifts to different body parts all comprise of the most popular invasive procedures. These types of procedures require the use of incisions and need a longer recovery period post surgery. However, the results last for the long-term.

Facial and injection treatments comprise of the popular non-invasive procedures available. These treatments do not require incisions, and there is little to no recovery time required post-surgery. However, the results of both procedures are not long term and often require multiple visits per year.

Facial treatments are relaxing experiences that clean the face and can treat acne scarring and enlarged pores. They primarily consist of massages, moisturizers, cleaning, warm mitts, and microdermabrasion. Injection treatments treat skin lines and facial wrinkles. Dr. Egozi is licensed to administer Botox, Juvederm, Restylane, Sculptra, and Radiesse.

Reason for Undergoing Plastic Surgery

The reasons patients choose and require plastic surgery are unique on a patient-to-patient basis. However, they can usually be broken up for medical and psychological reasons. For example, plastic surgeons are required for medical reasons to treat and assist with burn wounds, lacerations, tumor removals, and injuries that require reconstructive surgery and microsurgery. They also address irregularities such as deviated septums and cleft lips.

When patients choose or seek out plastic surgery, it is often for psychological reasons. The reasoning differs in each case, and they are unique in their own ways. Sometimes plastic surgery is used as a confidence and self-esteem booster by attaining a younger appearance or seeking to modify a particular bodily that a patient is unhappy with the to the point where they experience anxiety or stress. Other times, patients may seek to remove a blemish or a scar for personal reasons, such as it serves as an unwanted reminder of a traumatic accident.

First Phase of Treatment

The first phase of treatment for every patient is the initial consultation appointment. This meeting occurs between the patient and Dr. Egozi. During this time, the doctor evaluates the patient, learns about their medical history, and discusses their needs, wants, and desires. Based on this evaluation, a series of recommendations are presented to the patient. In turn, the patient can use this time to ask questions, learn about their options, meet the staff, and view the facilities.

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