Areas Served: Riverview, Florida

Egozi Plastic Surgery Center has been providing residents in and around Riverview, Florida with quality treatment and service for over a decade. By continuously innovating their techniques and methods, while ensuring they use state of the art tools, Dr. Egozi and his staff can provide patients with a safe, comfortable, and results driven experience that matches the top of the industry. Located in Clearwater, Egozi Plastic Surgery Center is located less than an hour away from Riverview, FL. Our world-class team prides itself on its attention to patients needs, making us the best choice for plastic surgery in the greater Tampa area.

Our Location – A Short Drive From Riverview, FL

Egozi Plastic Surgery Center is located at the following address: 1608 Gulf To Bay Boulevard, Clearwater FL 33755. Click here to get directions to our office.

For Riverview residents, our center is conveniently located a short drive across the bay in Clearwater, FL. Our world-class attention to detail and care for our patients is what sets us apart. Click here to learn more about our center. We look forward to meeting you!

Services Our Patients Can Choose From

Residents of Riverview can choose from a variety of invasive and non-invasive procedures. The difference between the two is the presence of incisions in invasive procedures versus the absence of them in non-invasive ones.

Surgical Treatments

Examples of surgical procedures we offer are as follows:

It’s common for invasive procedures to be performed simultaneously so that they work together to achieve the desired results.

Non-Surgical Treatments

Examples of non-invasive treatments include injectable and facial treatments.


Injectable treatments are used to treat wrinkles and skin lines. We offer the following injectables:


Facial treatments treat acne scarring and enlarged pores, while proving to be a relaxing experience. Facials usually include massages, moisturizers, cleaning, cleansing, and microdermabrasion.

What Does Plastic Surgery Treat?

Plastic surgery is beneficial in a a number of circumstances. Treatment of burn wounds, tumor removals, and other reconstructive surgery for due to injury is a common reason for seeking plastic surgery.  Additionally, patients who have a deviated septum or cleft lip often seek the expertise of plastic surgeons.

Besides the obvious physical benefits, there are also a number of mental benefits. For example, patients who have a scar or other visible marks from a traumatic experience may want these signs removed, as they become an unwanted burden due to the constant reminder of the past. Removing such scarring can help patients move on with their lives.

In general, plastic surgery can be a helpful way for patients to improve their self-esteem, sexual confidence, and create a positive attitude about their selves and their body. Overall, each patient’s reasoning for plastic surgery is personal and valid, and must be respected.

Schedule Your Initial Consultation

The first step for every patient is to schedule an initial consultation meeting. This appointment allows the doctor to evaluate each patient and provide a recommendation that meets their needs and wants. From there a plan of action will be devised. Patients can use this time to ask questions, learn about their options, become comfortable with the staff and doctor, and familiarize themselves with the facilities.

Riverview – call us today for your consultation at 727-461-5872 or schedule your consultation online.


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