Dr. Eric Egozi accepts patients for Plastic Surgery in Tarpon Springs offers the most advanced tools and techniques to their patients. Using modern methods, thanks to constant research and continuing education efforts, Dr. Egozi, and his staff provide an efficient, comfortable, and safe treatment experience.

The demand for plastic surgery has never been higher. According to the American Plastic Surgeon Society, there was an 115% increase in cosmetic surgeries performed between 2000 and 2015. With more people seeking procedures, it has become imperative that the quality and safety of treatment remains at a high level, and continues to improve. Simultaneously, it’s valuable for patients to ensure that they are vetting all of their options and choosing doctors of the highest level.

The Egozi Plastic Surgery Center ticks off all of these boxes.

Treatments We Offer

The facilities and professionally diverse staff at the disposal of Dr. Egozi allows him to provide his patients with many options when it comes to choosing the type of cosmetic surgery they want and need.

Injectable treatments like Juvederm, Botox, Restylane, and Radiesse are popular choices. They are ideal for treating facial wrinkles and lines, which results in a youthful appearance. Additionally, they are less invasive procedures meaning that they do not require extended visits, nor do patients experience long recovery periods. In facts, recipients of injectable treatments can go about the rest of their day as they normally would.

Another popular, less invasive treatment offered is facial treatments. Facial treatments are designed to treat acne, scarring, enlarged pores, and relax the patient. Treatments usually involve massages, moisturizers, cleaning, exfoliation, and in some cases medical grade microdermabrasion.

The invasive procedures on offer to residents in the Tarpon Springs area include lifts, augmentations, liposuctions, and rhinoplasty. Face, buttocks, neck, thigh, arms, breast, and back lifts are popular, as are breast augmentations and reductions. Many procedures are performed congruently ensuring efficient and effective results. An example of such a process would be the Mommy Makeover, which usually involves a tummy tuck, a few lifts, and breast augmentation.

Dr. Eric I. Egozi of Egozi Plastic Surgery Center,Tarpon Springs FloridaPreparing For Plastic Surgery

Before coming into the Egozi Plastic Surgery Center, every patient must know what they are seeking and why. It is important to do some initial research to understand the possible options available.

The next step is to schedule an initial consultation appointment with Dr. Egozi. This meeting allows the doctor to learn what each patient is seeking, evaluate them, and provide recommendations. This meeting also provides the patient the opportunity to get to know the doctor, acclimate their selves with the facilities and staff, and learn what treatment is best suited to them.

To get the process started, call the Egozi Plastic Surgery Center and schedule an appointment.