The Egozi Plastic Surgery Center is Florida’s most highly regarded plastic surgery facility provider, and one of the nation’s premier centers for cosmetic surgery. Plastic Surgery Valrico, Florida, Dr. Egozi and his staff have been providing efficient, agreeable, and comfortable services to patients, by ensuring safety and tailoring treatment to the needs of patients. They’ve maintained success by continuing to innovative their practice, staying up to date with the most recent research in the industry, utilizing state of the art equipment, and using modern techniques. The Egozi Plastic Surgery Center operates with the patient in mind.

What Does the Egozi Plastic Surgery Center Offer?

Besides the experience discussed above, the Egozi Plastic Surgery Center offers a variety of invasive and non-invasive treatments. Invasive treatments, those that require incisions, include different types of lifts, rhinoplasty, tummy tucks, liposuction, mommy makeovers, and breast reductions, augmentations, and reconstructions. It’s common for multiple invasive surgeries to be performed at once because they tend to work together to achieve maximum results. An example of that would be the mommy makeover, which utilizes liposuction, a variety of lifts, tummy tuck, and breast reconstruction, reduction, or augmentation.

Non-invasive surgeries, treatments that do not require incisions, include facial treatments and injections. Dr. Egozi is licensed to use Botox, Juvederm, Sculptra, Restylane, and Radiesse injections at his practice. Injections primarily treat wrinkles and skin lines. Their effectiveness differs regarding longevity, but patients can go about their day as usual immediately after receiving an injection.

Facial treatments are relaxing experiences that also clean the skin and can treat acne scarring and enlarged pores. There are a few different types of facial treatments available, but they all include massages, moisturizers, warm mitts, cleaning, and cleansing. Some of them include microdermabrasion.

The Benefits and Reasons for Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is performed for different reasons, each being unique to every patient. Some patients require plastic surgery for medical reasons. For example, plastic surgeons are needed for burn wounds, tumor removals, lacerations, injuries that require microsurgery, and injuries that require reconstructive surgery. Irregularities at birth, such as cleft lip or deviated septum, also need the skills of a plastic surgeon.

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Other times, patients seek plastic surgery for psychological reasons. Undergoing cosmetic surgery can provide a significant confidence boost and improve self-esteem for some patients. This is particularly the case if a particular bodily feature bothers them to the point where they are uncomfortable with their selves and their social and professional life is being affected.

How to Get Started

The first phase for every patient is the initial consultation appointment. This first meeting is between the patient and Dr. Egozi. During this time, the doctor evaluates each patient and provides recommendations based on his findings and the unique needs and wants of the patient. The patient can use this time to ask questions, view the facilities, learn about their options, and meet the doctor.

To schedule an initial consultation appointment, call the offices nearby Valrico today.