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Tampa Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Egozi

Tampa Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Egozi and his team at the Egozi Plastic Surgery Center provide their patients with a comfortable, safe, and efficient cosmetic surgery experience.

For over a decade now, the Egozi Plastic Surgery Center has served as the Tampa areas premium location for plastic surgery services.

With the number of plastic surgery procedures increasing by %115 since 2000, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the need for modern facilities has increased tenfold.

Using only the most modern equipment and advanced techniques, the Egozi Plastic Surgery Center has filled that need.

What Does Plastic Surgery Fulfill?

The necessity for plastic surgery can be broken up into two categories – physical or medical and mental health. Patients who are seeking plastic surgery for medical reasons often do so because of a birth defect or an injury the incurred. Burn and Laceration injuries often require the services of a plastic surgeon to heal properly. Patients born with a cleft lip undergo plastic surgery, as do those with a deviated septum, which causes breathing difficulties.

Others seek the services of plastic surgeons as a tool deal with mental health concerns. Deformities caused by injury or particular parts of the body that patients are self-conscious of can be an excellent source of anxiety, low self-esteem, and unwanted sense of social pressure. Low-self esteem and confidence issues cause stress and decrease a person’s quality of life. Cosmetic surgery can be utilized to alter, restore, or restructure said body parts or injuries, which in many cases helps patients build up their self-confidence, relieve stress, and allows them to seek and improved quality of life.

How to Get Started

The first step for every patient is to schedule a consultation appointment at the Egozi Plastic Surgery Center. This meeting serves as an opportunity for the staff to monitor and evaluate all potential patients. Through their findings, Dr. Egozi can provide recommendations that specifically address the concerns and objectives of patients.

Similarly, patients are granted the opportunity to observe the facilities, meet the staff, and form a relationship with the doctor so that they are comfortable with the process.

Discussing Important Facts About Liposuction

Liposuction also referred to as lipo, liposculpture suction lipectomy, or lipoplasty.

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery procedure that eliminates fat in different areas of the body including the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, neck, arms, and anywhere else fat is located. The physician, along with the patient, will decide how much fat is safe to remove on a patient-to-patient basis. Each patient undergoes a different experience depending on his or her needs.

Liposuction is one of the must misunderstood cosmetic surgery procedures. It is important to discuss the facts in an effort to better understand the procedure.

Although the term “liposuction” medically refers to the fat removal, it is not a weight loss treatment. Patients seeking this procedure must be within 30% of their ideal body weight. This requires patients to be fit, active, nonsmokers, who work out and eat healthily. The fat that is removed in liposuction is usually fat that has not responded to dieting or exercise.

Cosmetic Surgeons and Dermatologists, according to the Food and Drug Administration, most often perform liposuction.  Most doctors can offer and perform liposuction without completing standardized training, however, to get the best results it’s best to seek treatment from specialized physicians.

A plastic surgeon and a dermatologist are the optimal pairings because plastic surgeons specialize in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. While dermatologists specialize in treating skin, nail, and hair conditions.

Seeking the services of a plastic surgeon is advisable because it minimizes certain risks. Liposuction is safe but like all surgical procedures there are certain risks involved. The most common risks include infection, bleeding, numbness, bruising, uneven skin contours, and skin color changes, all of which require the services of a dermatologist and plastic surgeon if reconstruction is required.

For patients who are seeking an immediate difference, liposuction is not the procedure for them. Usually, it takes a few months for patients to see the effects of the process. However, the results are apparent. Some patients are required to wear compression garments or elastic bandages after surgery in an attempt to reduce swelling. It is important that patients manage their weight immediately after liposuction or else the procedure will not be useful.Tamps Plastic Surgery | Egozi Plastic Surgery Center

Lastly, it is important to discuss liposuction with a physician before undergoing the procedure. While it is a safe and efficient procedure to remove fat deposits that are not breaking down by exercise and dieting, these fat deposits can prove useful in the future. Some studies in their early stages have indicated that these fat cells are an excellent source of mesenchymal stem cells, that can be used to grow muscle, cartilage, and bone. The same studies have shown that these stem cells could also help prevent or mitigate heart disease, neurological disease, and diabetes.

Discussing the facts surrounding liposuction with a physician will provide patients with a more comprehensive understanding of liposuction.

Laser Fat Removal in Tampa with SculpSure

What is SculpSure™

A new and non-invasive fat removing laser that can drastically reduce the presence of annoying fat areas on the body. The areas are among the most concerning for patients, as burning off the final layers of unyielding fat is extremely difficult for many. The sides and abdominal areas, as well as back fat, arm bulges, and leg saddle bags, are often resistant to common methods, including dieting and exercise. It is is a non-surgical body contouring method that can eradicate pockets of fat in under about 25 minutes. The procedure uses a hyperthermic laser to target fat cells for a slimmer, more shaped appearance. Reducing fat through this process leaves no scars and does not require days of rest. Those looking for a quick, non-surgical answer to diminishing fat can benefit from undergoing treatment at Egozi Plastic Surgery Center in Tampa, where we perform hyperthermic laser fat elimination in our state of the art treatment rooms.

About the Procedure
The new and innovative process require roughly 25 minutes to complete. Unlike common body sculpting procedures, patients do not need to undergo anesthesia or incisions. Rather, it operates specialized applicators that are fitted to the target zones. Up to 4 areas can be positioned around the fat pockets, depending on the specifics of your plan, as well as your desired results. The Egozi Plastic Surgery Center SculpSure™ machine produces heat energy that is passed to the targeted fat cells through the specialized applicator(s) while providing cooling to comfort the skin and minimize discomfort during the procedure. The warmth created from the device loosens fat cells from surrounding tissue. Over time, these fat cells are naturally removed by the body. Patients can resume their daily routines quickly following a treatment. For many, the results can be seen in the subsequent weeks following your procedure. Moreover, these results are long-lasting, as lost fat cells cannot re-enter the body after being eliminated from the system. Tamps Plastic Surgery | Egozi Plastic Surgery Center

How Do I Find Out More?

The doctors and staff at Egozi Plastic Surgery Center in Tampa will be happy to discuss SculpSure™ with you.

Call us at (727) 461-5872 to make an appointment for a personal consultation at our office.


Cosmetic Surgery: New Perspectives

Cosmetic surgery in Tampa used to be considered a stigma in our society. People tried to hide the fact that they had cosmetic surgery done, and celebrities would deny it. The attitude has changed over the past decade and a half thanks to technological advances and cultural changes. Cosmetic surgery is now talked about in an open manner, allowing the medical community and patients to speak honestly about the health and appearance benefits of cosmetic surgery.

When most people discuss the benefits of having plastic surgery, the discussion almost always starts with the appearance benefits. The most basic types of cosmetic surgery are breast augmentation, face lifts, and liposuction. Breast augmentation is when you increase or decrease breast size, facelifts refer to enhancing facial features, and liposuctions will reduce a persons weight in a short period. To some people, the outcomes of these procedures are beneficial because their appearance is important to them.

Another way of looking at the benefits that cosmetic surgery provide from a physical point of view is what surgery can do for a person’s mentality. For many, changing their physical appearance increases their self-esteem. The benefits of surgery have as much to do with the body as it does for the mind. Self-esteem is important for everybody. Going through life with low self-esteem is difficult regardless of whom you are. If your appearance improves your self-esteem, then so be it.

Less talked about, are the health benefits associated with plastic surgery. There are significant benefits that can improve a person’s ability to breath, their posture, and their risk of suffering from heart conditions.

People who suffer from a deviated septum have difficulty breathing and often snore loudly at night. The single way to correct a deviated septum, and thus improve a person’s ability to breath, is to perform rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job. Tampa Plastic Surgeon Dr Eric Egozi

A person’s posture can also benefit from undergoing a procedure. Women undergo breast augmentation procedures to reduce the size of their breasts because it reduces their weight and thus improves their posture. Women with large breasts carry front loaded weight that causes poor posture, which leads to severe back pain and joint pressure. Breast reduction removes this front loaded weight and improves posture, thus reducing back pain and joint pressure. Relieving joint pressure is especially important for women who are very active or compete in competitive sports.

Lastly, it can reduce the risk of heart conditions. Liposuction is a procedure that removes weight quickly. When a meaningful amount of weight is lost than cholesterol levels, and blood pressure should improve, and the risk of a person suffering from heart conditions lessens significantly.


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