When it comes to breast surgery, the first thought for most is augmentation (an increase in size), rather than a reduction. But, truth is, many women born with large breasts are intimately familiar with the downsides of a big bust. The number of women looking to reduce their breast size continues to grow year on year due to the significant pain and interference large breasts can bring to everyday life.

A staggering 95% of women surveyed on quality of life after breast reduction surgery were satisfied and would do the procedure again. Many even wonder why it took them so long to rectify the pain and issues. So, is now the time for you to go ahead with breast reduction surgery? Here are 5 reasons why a breast reduction is beneficial. 

1) Neck, Back and Shoulder Pain

The weight of large breasts can add serious amounts of stress to the neck, back and shoulders. This strain might not be noticeable right away, but as we age, women with larger breasts will notice growing soreness, amplifying over time. Addressing these aches and pains is one of the main reasons why women opt for breast reduction and is undoubtedly why so many are happy following surgery. With the pain gone after a breast reduction, patients are able to finally live their lives to the fullest.

2) Getting in the Way of Fitness

Having to maneuver with large breasts can have a negative effect on a women’s ability to stay active. The additional weight means women have to carry more, lift more, and balance more. So whether it be laps in the pool, balance in yoga or running around the track, having larger breasts add extra resistance and difficulty to what should be a standard workout. 

You might think that having to carry extra weight is helpful for building strength, and you would be right. But this is only applicable to your back muscles and plays no part in aiding cardio or strength training in other body areas. Following a breast reduction, women will be able to lead an active lifestyle without the pain, exhaustion, and limited motion that they’ve become used to.

3) Straighten Up Posture

Having size D cups and above can really take its toll on one’s posture. Their heavy nature affects the spine’s curve which, as well as leading neck and back pain, influences bad posture when sitting and walking. The excess weight on the chest encourages forward slouching. After breast reduction surgery, patients will be able to stand comfortably with better posture. 

4) Make Shopping Easier

Oversized breasts can make a shopping trip for new clothes an arduous task. Yes, finding clothes that fit your body might be easy, but finding clothes that also fit breasts can be an incredibly frustrating task. It might seem like a trivial downside but it can turn into a big issue. Clothing choices are severely limited for those with disproportionate breasts, unless you are willing to spend money on specially-fitted clothing. Having the ability to enjoy a wide range of clothing styles and brands again is a benefit only really recognized by those without large or oversized breasts. 

5) Self-Confidence

The attention that large breasts bring can sometimes be unwanted and make women uncomfortable. This can play a big part in lowering emotional well-being and wanting to be known for more than just large breasts is a common problem.  Sometimes this alone is a perfectly valid reason for wanting breast reduction surgery. 

Breast Reduction Surgery in Tampa Bay

Patients frequently undergo breast reduction surgery in our Tampa surgical center to ease pain and remove interference with their everyday life. Dr. Egozi can expertly create proportionality with the rest of the body to maintain a completely natural look. To learn more about breast reduction options in Tampa, Florida, contact Egozi Plastic Surgery Center today to schedule a consultation!

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