What Are Breast Implants?

Breast implants are prosthetic saline or silicone devices that are surgically inserted into the breasts, with a variety of incision types, incision areas, implant sizes, implant shapes, and procedure methods to choose from.

Whether you want to increase the volume of your naturally small breasts or enhance the appearance of your figure after rapid weight loss, pregnancy, or aging, Dr. Egozi will discuss your breast implant options in depth with you to ensure your self esteem is boosted and you are happy with your results.

Types of Breast Implants Available

There are a few types of implants you can choose from, and the selection will be dependent on your body shape, natural breast size, and aesthetic goals that will best suit your body. During your consultation, the size, volume, projection, and shape of your breast implants will be discussed so you can achieve your dream figure.


Saline implants are often round in shape and inserted as an empty shell which is then filled with sterile saltwater, also known as saline. These implants create a natural appearance, especially for those with naturally thick breast tissue. If a leak occurs after the implants are in for a while, your body absorbs the saline naturally and there is no harm done.

Saline implants can be pre-filled prior to surgery or filled during the implantation. They are available in a variety of different sizes and textures. These implants can also be adjusted after your operation by adjusting the volume of saline, causing a more voluminous look. Saline implants often cost less than silicone implants, but can also cause a rippling effect on the surface of the breast if the patient has thin breast tissue. Ruptures are easily detected and the problem can be solved as soon as necessary by Dr. Egozi.


Silicone implants are made with pre-filled, cohesive silicone gel. Silicone implants are available in various teardrop or round shapes, creating a natural look and feel. If the implant ruptures, the silicone gel will remain in the breast pocket and the implant will not collapse, making it safe for you to contact Dr. Egozi to replace the implants.

One of the more popular silicone implant types in recent years due to its natural, sloped shape is the gummy bear implant, which maintains its shape even if the shell breaks. With these implants, there is more fullness at the base of the implant and tapered at the top. Silicone gel-filled breast implants are safe for people 22 years of age or older, available in a smooth or textured shell surface.

Choose the Right Shape for You

After your consultation, you and Dr. Egozi will have decided the best implant type for your body and can continue on to select the right shape. There are few options you can choose from.

Round-shaped breast implants create more fullness and are the most commonly used shape for various projection profiles. These implants give you more upper fullness and a larger lifting effect. They stick out further from the body, and you can decide how high you want them to sit so your profile matches your ideal figure. These implants are placed under the muscle, achieving fullness in the upper part of the breast for a natural look.

Choosing a smooth version of the implant limits wrinkling, which can occur with textured implants. Your breast shape will also not be affected if your implant happens to rotate.

Teardrop-shaped breast implants lend more of a subtle, natural contour that mimics the breast’s natural slope. Fullness is created in the lower part of the breast and tend to look more natural in patients with thinner frames and less breast tissue. These implants are encased in a textured shell, which can shift their position in the breast pocket in rare cases.

The best implant shape for you is entirely dependent on the shape of your natural breasts, your aesthetic preferences, your budget, how you want the breast to feel, and where you want to see fullness. While teardrop implants give a more natural shape, round implants give you more lift and often more volume.

Smooth vs. Textured Implants

Whether you’re opting for saline or silicone, round or teardrop-shaped, all implants have a shell which can either have a smooth surface or a textured surface. It is believed that a textured implant can reduce the likelihood of pain in the treated area if the implant distorts. A smooth implant can move and turn within the breast pocket, but a textured implant sticks to the underside of the breast and muscle, anchoring the implant in position so it cannot rotate.

If you have a higher amount of breast tissue, a textured implant will attach to the chest wall and result in less stress to the lower area of the breast. If you have thinner breast tissue, a textured implant can cause a rippling effect to the breast surface. If you opt for a teardrop shaped implant, especially in the case of a silicone “gummy bear” implant, you can enjoy a natural shape with better preservation over time when compared to a round implant.

For a quick rundown:

  • Smooth implants feel soft, like a balloon, and are only available in a round shape. These implants move freely within the breast and can feel quite natural.
  • Textured implants have tiny grains on the surface of the shell, available in round and teardrop shapes. These implants have a lower risk of moving around once implanted.
  • Nano-textured implants are the newest option available and offer enhanced shell surfaces for silicone implants which can lower the risk of complications. The texture is designed to mimic the body’s cell surfaces, making it easier for breast tissue to grow on the surface of the implant and not react negatively. There is little risk for movement or rotation while patients can still enjoy a natural feel and look.

Should You Go Bigger or Smaller?

All breast implants are measured in cubic centimeters (CCs), and it is good to know that every 150 to 200 CCs is equivalent to one cup size. Basically, the higher the number, the larger the implant. During your consultation with Dr. Egozi, you will try on different implant sizes while wearing a bra to get a feel for which size looks and feels best in proportion to your body. Not everybody can accommodate a large implant, and smaller frames should consider a more natural, sloped breast that will be gentler to the small amount of breast tissue they have.

Some risks of choosing an implant that is too big for your frame include:

  • The bottom of the implant slipping out of the pocket.
  • Wrinkling and rippling.
  • Atrophy due to pressure.
  • Stretch marks.
  • The need for additional surgeries.

Other Factors to Consider

Some other factors you should take into consideration when deciding with breast implant shape is good for you include:

  • The implant profile. Decide whether you want a low, medium, high, or extra high profile, meaning the higher the profile, the larger the lift and forward projection.
  • The level of breast tissue you have to accommodate the implant.
  • Risks associated with different shapes, sizes, and fillings of the implants.

Celebrity Implant Examples

Looking at before and after pictures before your consultation with Dr. Egozi can be very beneficial to giving you an idea of the figure you want to achieve, the implant types that will look best on you, and what to avoid. You can also ask to view before and after pictures from Dr. Egozi to see patients with a similar body type to you and learn how they got the results you desire.

For some celebrity examples, Kaley Cuoco is someone who has been open about her cosmetic procedures after getting a boost of confidence from her gummy bear implants. This makes her bust look very natural, with a gentle sloping and a size that is appropriate for her frame. She also may have had a laser treatment for the scars, as they aren’t visible at all. You will get beautiful results like these when you choose to get your breast augmentation at Dr. Egozi’s clinic.

For patients with a slim but hourglass build who would like a fuller aesthetic, think Emily Ratajkowski – her hips are wider but her stomach is very flat, so too-large breasts would weigh her down and look completely unnatural. However, she went for a round but still natural-looking aesthetic with a gentle slope and lack of lift you would see in fuller breasts. If you have a fuller, curvier figure, Sofia Vergara’s results will give you an ideal aesthetic to go for – her beautiful curves are accentuated by her natural-looking implants.

However, you should also know which looks to avoid. For example, Gwen Stefani was a standout when she first got breast implants – but for all the wrong reasons. She started out with very little breast tissue and techniques were not as advanced as they are now, resulting in breast implants that look too round and full in the upper area, while being slightly lopsided and unnatural looking.

Questions to Ask During Your Consultation With Dr. Egozi

Some good questions to ask Dr. Egozi during your breast augmentation consultation include:

  • Which implant type is best for me?
  • What size implant should I get?
  • Should the implant pocket be placed above or below the muscle?
  • Which incision location will be the least visible?
  • What will recovery be like?
  • Which texture of implant should I get?
  • How much should I budget for this procedure?
  • How will the implants feel?
  • How should I prepare for the surgery?
  • How long will the surgery take?
  • What are the risks associated with my chosen implants?

When you look your best, you feel your best. Book your consultation and achieve your dream figure today with Dr. Egozi and his team!

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