BodyFX is an advanced body contouring, cellulite treatment, and fat reduction machine. Its results are long-lasting, and its method noninvasive, presenting a very attractive nonsurgical alternative to liposuction for many. What makes it special? It is the first and only body contouring and cellulite technology proven in peer-reviewed studies to both permanently kill fat cells as well as tighten the skin—a revolution in body sculpting modalities. BodyFX addresses stubborn fatty tissue, loss of elasticity in the abdomen, back, flanks, and thighs, to name a few, additionally working to improve the appearance of cellulite dimples.

But what exactly is BodyFX?

BodyFX uses a suction cup and radiofrequency energy to heat your deep tissues very precisely. The suction device is applied to your skin (and the underlying fat) to reduce said fat as well as stimulate collagen growth and therefore tighten the skin simultaneously. Once the targeted tissue heats up, a second energy pulse is delivered to kill the fat cells, improve the appearance of cellulite, and target particularly stubborn localized fat deposits. Treated 6×6 inch zones are typically pulsed for 10 minutes continuously to destroy as many fat cells as possible. The suction and controlled energy pulses work together to produce incredible body contouring results. Clinical studies have shown the procedure to result in both volume reduction and very successful contraction of the overlying skin. Additionally, the BodyFX device only targets your fat, leaving your skin and underlying organs unaffected. During treatment, you can expect warming and gentle pulling sensations—which some compare to a deep tissue massage—as the radiofrequency and vacuum suction work to smooth away those resistant fat pockets!

Real Results

BodyFX treatments are safe, with zero downtime and minimal discomfort. Throughout the procedure, your body’s temperature is monitored constantly to provide advanced temperature control. Although you may notice some slight redness in the treated area post-procedure, this fades quickly. Also, 6-12 weekly 20-minute BodyFX sessions are typically recommended to achieve the best possible results. With regard to fat and cellulite reduction, results can be seen immediately after the very first treatment, while the skin tightening effects take more time to appear, reaching their visible peak 6-12 months post procedure. Following your first few treatments, the skin’s surface feels smoother and softer pretty quickly, and further gradual improvements in the treated area(s) are noticeable with each passing session!

Most BodyFX nonsurgical fat reduction patients who undergo our program at Egozi Plastic Surgery see improved skin tightening, as BodyFX can result in collagen-thickening of up to 25%, which results in a significant improvement of skin elasticity. Patients who have completed their series of treatments may also see a 1-2 inch circumferential reduction, or a reduction of 400-700 cc of fat per treatment—all without any surgery!

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