The Benefits of Combining a Breast Augmentation with a Breast Lift

Breast augmentation is a very common cosmetic procedure sought out by women looking to increase the size of their breasts. An additional surgical procedure is known as a breast lift, or mastopexy is often performed in combination with the augmentation in order to achieve the best results. The main reason for this combined approach is that while breast augmentation is geared toward increasing the volume of your breasts, it does not serve to lift them. Meanwhile, a breast lift is used to alter the shape of the breasts but does not add volume. While the two procedures can be performed independently of one another, they are often performed simultaneously to save the patient the ordeal of undergoing a second procedure and recovery period.

By combining breast augmentation and breast lift procedures, your breasts will not only have more volume, but they will also sit higher on your chest for an all-around perkier appearance—a boost if you will. This breast augmentation and mastopexy dual procedure is referred to as a breast augmentation with lift. When considering getting this combined procedure, you should ask yourself whether you would like larger breasts and whether you would like higher, firmer breasts. If the answer to both of these questions is yes, you should consider the dual procedure!

Consider the following benefits of combining a breast augmentation with a breast lift:

  • Greater breast fullness and volume
  • Better overall breast contours
  • A more youthful breast positioning on the chest wall
  • An elevated nipple-areolar complex
  • A reduction in the size of the areola

The Breast Augmentation: Tampa’s Dr. Egozi is your go-to Specialist

Breast augmentation is performed by inserting breast implants into the chest. Breast implants, typically filled with either silicone or saline work to increase volume but can also correct asymmetries. Implants can be either round or teardrop-shaped and come in a variety of sizes. Combining an augmentation with a lift will serve to maintain or increase breast volume, depending on your specific needs and goals, while preventing the drooping effect that can occur in some cases of implants performed without a lift. Results vary from patient to patient, and thorough consultation with Dr. Egozi will clarify the best course of action for you.

The Breast Lift: Tampa’s Best at Egozi Plastic Surgery

A mastopexy works to lift the breasts by eliminating any excess skin and compressing tissue. The result? Firmer breasts with an altered shape. Women usually seek out breast lift procedures as their skin loses elasticity, which in turn causes undesirable changes in their figure and the density of their breasts. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, aging, weight fluctuations, simple gravity, and genetics can all play a role in a woman’s loss of elasticity. However, depending on how much skin and tissue is tightened and removed, a breast lift on its own could actually cause a decrease in bra size. In such cases, breast augmentation is recommended as well.

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