Eye bags, or under-eye bags are considered a cosmetic concern. While many are bothered by their puffy eyes and seek surgical blepharoplasty treatments to correct the problem, there are many home treatments worth trying that may drastically reduce or even eliminate the problem.

What causes eye bags?

As we age, our collagen stores become depleted. Less collagen causes your skin and muscle to lose elasticity and tone, which can cause sagging. It just happens to be particularly noticeable around the thin-skinned eye area.

Other causes of eye bags include a lack of sleep, eye fatigue, smoking, infections, allergies, stress, fluid retention, and chronic medical conditions like thyroid disease.

Ways to get rid of bags under your eyes

If you’re ready to take matters into your own hands and do away with those eye bags once and for all, here are a few ways DIY methods you can try:

1) Try a cold compress

While sitting upright, dampen a clean washcloth with cold water, and apply it (with mild pressure) to your under-eye skin for a few minutes. You can also try using cucumber slices or cold, damp tea bags, both of which are known to reduce swelling.

2) Drink fewer fluids before bed and eat less salt

Consuming excess salt and drinking too many fluids too close to bedtime both contribute to fluid retention and general puffiness. Avoid packaged and processed foods to quickly reduce your salt intake, which will in turn reduce your fluid retention.

3) Stay hydrated

Dehydration can also play a role in under-eye bags. Although you should avoid drinking too much before bed, upping your overall water intake will help rather than hinder it. Experts recommend drinking roughly 13 cups a day for men, and 9 for women.

4) Quit smoking

Smoking can aggravate bags under your eyes, while quitting smoking will slow down your collagen loss. Bonus: if you opt for blepharoplasty, you’ll heal quicker if you don’t smoke.

5) Sleep with your head raised

Try adding an extra pillow or propping up the head of your mattress (or your entire bed) slightly. This can helps prevent fluid from accumulating around your eyes as you sleep.

6) Use makeup

Makeup can be a simple, easy way of masking dark under-eye circles or shadows. However, always be sure to wash it off before bed—if you don’t it can actually worsen eye puffiness!

7) Address your allergies

Common sense: avoid your allergens when possible. These might include certain personal care products like soaps, makeup, or hair dyes. As well, try OTC allergy medications.

8) Don’t forget about sleep!

For most, 7-9 hours is a healthy amount of sleep. If you’re having trouble sleeping, Mayo Clinic suggests creating a sleep schedule, and avoid caffeinated beverages, foods, and strenuous exercise for several hours before bed.

If you’ve tried everything and your eye bags aren’t going anywhere, contact Egozi Plastic Surgery Center in Tampa, Florida today to discuss our blepharoplasty procedures and how they may benefit you.

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