Undergoing cosmetic surgery is an exciting period that leads to boosted self-esteem and appearance. It’s no surprise then that following the surgery, most patients want to accelerate the recovery process so they can show off their new look and enjoy the benefits.

Although the recovery time for each surgery is different, there are some generic tips that help patients cope with the recovery, no matter the surgery. Here are the top plastic surgery recovery essentials that every patient can follow to help speed recovery after undergoing surgery:

Take Time Off

As with most situations, rest is the best route to recovery. Following your cosmetic surgery, be sure to allow for 48 hours of rest. But don’t confuse rest with sedentary days spent in bed. 

Frequent movement helps the body to heal and keeps blood flowing. A five-mile walk might seem too intense, but at the very least make an effort to walk around the house or spend a few minutes stretching. Aim to move around once an hour.

Avoid Strenuous Activity

Walking around the house is one thing, but workouts and heavy lifting at the gym are another. For the avid gym-goer, time away from the gym can be hard, but to aid recovery, it is important to avoid challenging exercise for weeks after surgery.

Working out elevates the blood pressure, which can cause setbacks such as bruising, bleeding and inflammation. In serious circumstances, it can cause complications such as incisions reopening.  

No smoking

Alongside stopping smoking for the weeks prior to plastic surgery, patients should continue to kick the habit once the surgery is over. 

Smoking makes recovery more difficult for your body by affecting blood pressure, reducing oxygen in blood and body tissues, and damaging lungs. This significantly delays the healing process and can lead to serious complications

Prepare your Home Ahead of Time

Patients will often require at least a couple of days of home rest following surgery so it is best to prepare for this in the days leading up to the cosmetic surgery procedure. That way, when you return from the surgery, all of the necessities are waiting for you, making these rest as comfortable and easy as possible. 

Items to stock up on include hand sanitizer, pre-cooked meals, comfortable clothes, over-the-counter pain relief, and entertainment. It’s also worth finding a friend or family member who can help out with tasks such as dog walks in your downtime.

Follow Your Surgeon’s Instructions for Recovery

The best recovery instructions to follow for your specific cosmetic surgery is from your surgeon who will provide the best advice for a safe and healthy recovery. This could include taking prescribed medication or washing the incision in a certain manner. 

It might seem obvious to follow such instructions, but many patients only choose to follow the ones that they think are meaningful and ignore those that are an inconvenience. There is a very good reason for every instruction that your surgeon gives you so be sure to follow them all.

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