Whether you want a flatter tummy, tighter thighs or more toned arms, surgical and nonsurgical body sculpting treatments alike are on the rise, offering invaluable help for whipping you into shape without endless grueling workouts. The goal of body sculpting procedures is to improve your overall shape and firm you up—all with minimal recovery time.

What Body-Sculpting Treatments are Available at Egozi Plastic Surgery?


Arm and Thigh Lifts

Let’s face it: sagging arms and thighs are often a part of life for those of us who don’t have enough time in our day to pump iron. Causes typically include aging, genetics, or extreme weight loss. Regardless of the reasons, toned arms and legs don’t have to seem like a distant dream! An arm lift is focused on surgically reshaping the upper portion of your arm, reducing droopy skin and tightening the supportive tissue beneath. A thigh lift, aka a thighplasty, tightens your skin to reduce sagging in both the inner and outer thigh. And if you’re hesitant to go under the knife for any reason, BodyTite is a cutting edge alternative nonsurgical body contouring option for those that do not need or want more extensive arm or thigh lift procedures.


Nonsurgical Body Contouring

The goal of modern body contouring procedures is to improve your overall shape and silhouette with as little recovery time as possible. The abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, and arms are the usual focus. BodyTite is popular for tightening arm and/or thigh skin nonsurgically, as it uses radiofrequency energy to stimulate collagen production, causing the skin to tighten, and the minimally invasive BodyFX procedure tightens skin and melts fat via radiofrequency-generated heat, providing a nonsurgical alternative to liposuction with little downtime or discomfort.



Liposuction is used to surgically remove excess fat from the thighs, buttocks, hips, back, upper arms, and abdomen. With the more modern ultrasonic liposuction technique, a vibrating probe implodes the fat while leaving the tissue intact, preserving your contours and your skin’s elasticity. Dr. Egozi prefers this method to the more traditional tumescent liposuction techniques which can be more painful. Your ultrasonic liposuction procedure is often accompanied by Bodytite, which uses RF energy to generate heat, in turn tightening loose skin post-procedure!


Mommy Makeover

Those who opt for a Mommy Makeover are choosing to undergo several body sculpting procedures simultaneously to achieve better proportionality—often geared at renewing a mother’s pre-baby body. Usually, the procedure combines liposuction, breast augmentation and/or breast lift to boost the volume, shape, and symmetry of the breasts, and/or a tummy tuck. Those who opt for a tummy tuck will have any excess skin and fat around the abdomen removed, and their abdominal muscles tightened. The result? A smooth, natural-looking abdomen. Those who require only minor fat removal might opt instead for a mini tummy tuck.

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