Breast Augmentation Mastopexy in Florida

A Lift with an Implant

A Breast Augmentation or Mastopexy is a standard procedure sought by women looking to alter the shape and firmness of their breasts. A surgical procedure called a mastopexy completes this process.

Mastopexy is a process that lifts the breasts by eliminating excess skin and compressing tissue, resulting in firmer breasts with an altered contour.

Women usually seek out this procedure as their skin loses elasticity, causing the figure and density of their breasts to change. The primary reasons for the loss of elasticity are pregnancy, breastfeeding, aging, weight fluxes, gravity, and genetics.

Mastopexies and breast augmentations, a process that increases volume, are commonly performed simultaneously.

Mastopexy does not increase size, which is why patients who are seeking breast lifts often need to undergo augmentation if they wish to achieve their desired results. Depending on how much skin and tissue is tightened and removed, a lift on its own could cause a decrease in bra size. In such cases, breast augmentation is recommended.

An implant is inserted into the chest when a lift and augmentation are concurrently performed. Simultaneously performing these procedures will either maintain or increase volume, thus preserving or increasing cup size depending on the needs of the patient.

Not all patients will require an implant because their bra size will not change via a lift. After the procedure, breasts may appear to seem slightly smaller. Although appearance may tell you otherwise, the patient’s actual cup size has not changed because tissue removal was minimal.

Patients will undergo an evaluation to determine the best course of action available to them. Each case is unique, and each patient has different physical requirements and desired results. The assessment process provides Dr. Egozi with the necessary information to provide a recommendation and the patients with the required knowledge to make the right decision.

The recommendation provided assists patients in deciding what size and shape they wish to achieve, and how they plan to do so.

If you would like to receive more info about breast lift procedures and augmentation or to schedule a visitation, feel free to contact Dr. Egozi.

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