Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

Types of Lifts Defined

Breast Lifts, also known in the medical world as a mastopexy, enhances the breasts by increasing volume and minimizing sagging to create perkier breasts. This type of cosmetic surgery often includes an implant.

Mastopexies are categorized into minor and major procedures. The age of the patient tends to be the most dominating variable determining whether a major or minor lift should be realized.  Generally speaking, patients aged approximately 50 years or younger will require a minor procedure whereas patients who are older will likely require a major procedure.

As women age, their breasts naturally depress and sag. Therefore, a more invasive form of cosmetic surgery is necessary. That is not to say that women cannot be considered a candidate because of age. Dr. Egozi routinely works with ladies of all ages.

Types of Mastopexies

A minor mastopexy requires less and smaller incisions, making it a less invasive cosmetic procedure. The incision during a minor procedure is limited to a circular or crescent-shaped opening around the nipple and areola.

A major breast lift requires invasive cosmetic surgery because the tissue must be accessed. Patients can expect a vertical and horizontal incision on the areola. These incisions are commonly referred to as “key-hole,” “upside down T-incision,” or “anchor” because of the shape. Gaining access to the tissue is necessary for the plastic surgeon to rearrange the framework of the breast, ultimately leading to the desired results.

Dr. Egozi has taken modern techniques and modified them to achieve the best outcomes for his patients. Adapting his methods has allowed him to create perky and fullness that resemble a youthful appearance. He can successfully operate without the need for breast implants the majority of the time while achieving the same desired results.

To see some of his work, visit his photo gallery where you can compare the before and after results.

If you are interested in receiving breast lifts, contact Dr. Egozi to schedule a consultation. There, you can learn more about the process, and receive a recommendation whether or not implants would be beneficial.

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