Breast Lift Surgery (Mastopexy) in Clearwater, Florida

What Is Breast Lift Surgery?  

As we age, our bodies face the inescapable battle of gravity and loss of skin elasticity, ultimately leading to breasts sagging. A breast lift in Clearwater, also called a mastopexy, is a surgical procedure that restores youthful perkiness and size to counteract the natural effects of aging.

The breast lift procedure removes excess skin and tightens the surrounding tissue – reshaping the breasts to create perkier breasts that restore confidence.

Drooping breasts come in various shapes and sizes, and a surgeon can use various techniques to get the best result for each unique appearance. The core concept for all breast lifts performed at our Clearwater clinic remains the same: a reshaping/elevation to create a more attractive breast.

To learn more about your breast lift options at our Clearwater clinic, contact Egozi Plastic Surgery today. Our clinic is conveniently located for residents of Pinellas County and the Tampa Bay area, including Largo, Dunedin, and Pinellas Park.


What To Expect Post-Breast Lift Surgery?  

Like any other surgical procedure, the recovery time for breast lift surgery in Clearwater varies from woman to woman and depends on the patient’s overall health. But what can you expect in the days and weeks that follow your surgery? Egozi Plastic Surgery Center has put together a general timeline and a guide to follow to aid your post-surgery recovery:


Breast Lift Surgery Recovery Process

Immediately after your breast lift surgery in Clearwater, your chest will be fitted with a compression garment, and you will be discharged home. Mild swelling and bruising may be expected in the first couple of days. Patients are typically able to return to activities of daily living the next day. A full return to work and normal activities can be expected within 2-5 days (depending on how physically strenuous the job is), and swelling and bruising will begin to fade over the course of 10-14 days.  

Typically, most patients return to heavier physical activity after about 3 weeks. Your incisions will take around six weeks to heal, and it is at that point Dr. Egozi will discuss gels and treatments to minimize the visibility of the incisions. The breast shape and incisions continue to improve over the course of 3 months, at which time you should see what Dr. Egozi saw in the operating room.


What You Should Avoid After Breast Lift Surgery

As with any type of surgery, how you take care of yourself after the breast lift procedure is just as important as the quality of the surgery itself. Dr. Egozi will always provide breast lift patients with detailed post-surgical care instructions to follow easily. These include: 

  • Avoid straining, bending and lifting. 
  • Sleep on your back or side to keep pressure off your breasts for about the first week.
  • Sponge bathe the first two days and then shower.
  • Avoid strenuous activities for 3 weeks.


Ideal Candidates for Breast Lift Surgery

Breast lift surgery is appropriate for women who have experienced breast sagging and want to return to a perkier, youthful appearance. Breast sagging can be accelerated by pregnancy and weight fluctuations. These experiences can raise the need for a breast lift. 

Breast lift surgery can also be used to elevate and shape nipples and areola that point downward, disproportionate areola, and uneven breasts. Every patient is different, but the ideal candidate for breast lift surgery in Clearwater is in good health, not planning to have any more children, and at a stable weight.  


Breast Lift Surgery Procedure  

During your initial consultation with Dr. Egozi, you will discuss your goals, and you will both agree on a breast lift technique that will best suit you. Breast lifts  are usually performed under general anesthesia at Dr. Egozi’s state-of-the-art Clearwater surgery center. Considering your specific build and goals, Dr. Egozi will use his artistry and skill to develop and reshape the breast to provide a perky youthful appearance. The procedure typically takes two hours to complete, but if paired with breast reduction or breast augmentation, it may take slightly longer. 


Breast lift Cost

The cost of breast lift surgery in Clearwater varies from person to person, based on how much correction is required. Fees are based on the estimated surgical time. Dr. Egozi’s staff will provide you with a detailed quote at the time of your consultation. The procedure will typically take less time for those with mild to moderate drooping of the breasts. Those with larger and heavier breasts may require more advanced surgical techniques to achieve that perky, youthful appearance you may desire. During your consultation, Dr. Egozi will review the different techniques available for your unique situation.


The Three Approaches to Breast Lift Surgery  

There are many ways breast youth can be restored. The method your surgeon chooses will be decided upon during your initial consultation. The decision will be based on factors such as breast size, amount of excess skin, areola size, and severity of skin laxity. The three main approaches to breast lift surgery include periareolar incision, vertical breast lift, and inverted t-incisions.


1) Periareolar Incision

The periareolar incision technique uses a single circular incision around the areola’s edge. Many women ask about this technique. It is usually used when the patient has minor sagging or wants to reduce the size of the areola. 


2) Vertical (lollipop) Incision

The vertical breast lift technique uses circular incisions around the areola and is completed with a vertical incision from the areola down to the breast crease. This minimally invasive lift helps women with only moderate breast droop. This incision resembles a lollipop and usually heals very well. 


3) Inverted-T Incision

The inverted-T incision, also referred to as a keyhole incision, is the technique of choice for breasts that need more improvements. The technique uses the vertical incision method with the addition of a horizontal incision at about the fold of the breast. The horizontal incision is well hidden in the crease and helps elevate the breast by “hemming” and essentially shortening the vertical distance of the skin sagging and laxity. This technique is best assigned to patients with significant sagging and yields the most dramatic breast reshaping transformation. 


To restore your breasts’ skin elasticity, youthful appearance, and perky shape, Dr. Egozi’s skilled team is here to help with all your needs and desires for your Breast Lift Surgery. Contact the team today to book a consultation and get ready to feel more confident and youthful! 

Breast Lift Most Frequently Asked Questions

Egozi Plastic Surgery Center has been practicing breast lift procedures for over 15 years. To make it easier for those contemplating the procedure, we’ve decided to answer some of the most common breast lift questions.

Will Breast lift Alter the Size of My Breasts?

When used alone, breast lift surgery won’t significantly change the size of your breasts. Instead, your breasts will look perkier, fuller and rounder. If you desire your breasts to be larger or smaller, it is possible to combine a breast lift with a breast augmentation or breast reduction, respectively. 

How Long Will Results of a Breast Lift Last?

Straight after your breast lift surgery, you will notice immediate improvement but it will take up to three months for you to see the final result. These results should last for many years but it will vary from individual to individual. 

The elevation of the nipple is permanent and will rarely need to be lifted again. However, gravity and the effects of aging can cause the breasts to sag again but typically not to the same degree.


Dr. Egozi gives advice to all patients on how to extend the lifespan of the breast lift. 

Will My Nipple Sensation or My Ability to Breastfeed Be Affected?

Although best to postpone a breast lift until after having children, you might want to keep the option open. Not all women are capable of breast feeding even before surgery. Many women are concerned that incisions around the nipple and areola may affect nipple sensation and ability to breastfeed. It is exceedingly rare for nipple sensation and ability to breastfeed to be altered after a breast lift. Dr. Egozi is an expert in breast anatomy and will use that knowledge to further minimize that risk. 


Those able to breast feed before breast lift surgery are almost assuredly able to after surgery. 


Book a Breast Lift Consultation 


Dr. Egozi has taken modern breast lift techniques and modified them to achieve perky, full breasts that create a more youthful appearance for his patients. If you are interested in a breast lift, please contact Dr. Egozi to schedule a consultation at our Clearwater location. There, you can learn more about the process, and receive a recommendation regarding whether or not implants would also be of benefit to reach your goals.



Dr. Egozi was my 9th and last consult. I took my time, a year, to find the best facial plastic surgeon. My previous consults included the 5 in S. Tampa;1 in Miami; 2 in W. Palm, 1 in St. Pete. Dr. Egozi’s culture is reflected in his welcoming, professional staff (Debbie and Ginny have been with him since day 1). Dr. Egozi and his entire staff reassured me and made me very comfortable before, during and after surgery.

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