Breast Augmentation Surgery in Tampa Bay

General Information

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure performed by cosmetic surgeons that boost volume, shape, and symmetry. Silicone or saline are placed into the chest to increase size, and in some cases, a breast lift is concurrently performed to treat sagging.

Women seek breast augmentation for a variety of reasons. Some patients find development because the volume decreased during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Other women want to increase breast size because they are self-conscious. In that instance, the patient experiences a significant increase in confidence and self-esteem.

In other cases, women seek breast augmentation to correct asymmetry, while some experience a loss of volume due to sagging, which requires a combination of augmentation and mastopexy (breast lift).


Breast Augmentation Recovery Time

Dr. Egozi prides himself on his focus on the small details, which minimizes the recovery processes, decreasing his patients’ downtime and bruising after cosmetic surgery. Patients frequently report minimal discomfort and often claim they did not require pain pills post-surgery.

Although each patient experiences a different procedure, on average, they return to work 3-5 days after going home.


Your Specialized & Comprehensive Breast Evaluation

Before receiving any treatment, patients will meet with Dr. Egozi at the Egozi Plastic Surgical Center. This meeting will serve as a consultation appointment where patients receive recommendations based on their needs and wants.

Every patient has different desires. Some wish for bust lines that appear natural while others are seeking to create fuller and rounder contours. Some patients fall in between. Based on these desires, Dr. Egozi will discuss options and recommendations regarding silicone versus saline implants, as well as incision locations, and implant placement.

In some cases, it is recommended that a lift is performed simultaneously with an augmentation. Recommendations revolve around the patient’s body shape, size, and desire. Lifts can help enrich bust lines, aiding the effectiveness.

It is important that patients educate for themselves about possible results. Visit Dr. Egozi’s photo gallery to see the results of his procedures, and to better understand how each patient is unique.

To learn more about breast augmentation options and to receive a recommendation, contact Dr. Egozi’s office and schedule a consultation appointment.

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