Breast Implant Surgery in Tampa Bay

Increase Volume and Improve Symmetry

Why Choose Breast Implantation?

While a breast lift alters the shape of the breasts, it does not add volume unless an implant is involved. Breast augmentation, on the other hand, increases breast size through the insertion of implants. Breast implants after cosmetic or reconstructive surgery increase volume and improve symmetry. Implants may be either round or teardrop shaped and may be filled with either silicone or saline.

Types of Breast Implants

Saline and silicone breast implants are made out of the same silicone shell, providing the same shape. The difference is that saline implants are filled with salt water (saline) instead of silicone.

Saline Implants

Saline allows surgeons to alter the implant volume to the exact size and shape that best suits the patient. The use of saline also allows surgeons to overfill them slightly, which minimizes wrinkling. Additionally, it is easier to detect ruptures and leaks in saline breast implants.

Silicone Implants

Dr. Egozi prefers to recommend silicone to his patients for several reasons. First, silicone breast implants feel more natural than the saline version. Second, wrinkling and rippling are less likely to occur with silicone than with saline implants.

As a study investigator into the safety of silicone implants, Dr. Egozi was one of the only plastic surgeons to use silicone breast implants in the Tampa Bay area before 2006. Today’s silicone implants differ from the 1990s version. In the past, they were liquefied silicone gel and when a rupture occurred they would leak out of the implant. Now, the implants are more of a cohesive gel similar to a Gummy Bear and should not leach out of the shell with a rupture.

Are You a Candidate for Breast Implants?

Breast augmentation with breast implants helps enhance a woman’s breast volume and shape. Women choose this procedure for the following reasons.


  • Their breast volume diminished after pregnancy and/or breast feeding
  • They are self-conscious about the size of their breasts
  • They were born with significant breast asymmetry
  • They have loss of volume as well as sagging, and choose a combination of breast augmentation with breast lift

Breast Augmentation Recovery

Dr. Egozi prides himself on attention to detail in all facets of cosmetic surgery. It is this attention to detail and special nuances that he’s developed and adopted that minimize downtime and bruising and discomfort for his patients.

The First Days

Every individual presents special challenges but our usual breast augmentation surgery patient experiences minimal discomfort and minor swelling. She returns to her normal daily activities and work (unless she has a physically strenuous job) in 3 – 5 days. Frequently, we hear from our breast surgery patients that they required no pain pills postoperatively.

Three Weeks and Beyond

Generally, heavy physical activity can be resumed at around three weeks after surgery. While we do our best to minimize scarring, you may see a fine, white line at the point of incision. This incision is usually not even visible when wearing low necklines or bikini tops.

The length of recovery is partly related to the size of the implant. Larger implants will stretch more of the skin and muscle, leading to a greater feeling of tightness. However, this is relatively modest amount of longer recovery with larger implants.

Your Specialized, Comprehensive Evaluation

When you arrive at the Egozi Plastic Surgical Center, Dr. Egozi meets with you personally and customizes your care to suit your individual needs. Some women desire natural bust lines and others desire a fuller and more rounded appearance. Others fall somewhere in between. Dr. Egozi will discuss this, as well as the options of silicone or saline implants, recommendations for placement of the incision, and placement of the implant with regard to the pectoralis muscle.

When a patient is evaluated for breast augmentation, Dr. Egozi also considers whether she may need a mastopexy (breast lift) at the same or a later time. This is done so that he may best tailor each woman’s augmentation procedure to her desire, body size and shape. Your breast augmentation will help you attain that fuller bust you desire, but in some women a breast lift would help enhance that bust line.

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