Breast Lift Surgery in Tampa Bay

Achieve a More Youthful Appearance

What Is Breast Lift Surgery?

A breast lift, known in the medical community as a mastopexy, raises the breasts by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue. The breasts are reshaped and sagging is minimized, thus creating perkier breasts. When combined with breast augmentation, this type of cosmetic surgery includes an implant to increase volume.

Does Age Affect Breast Lift Surgery?

Mastopexies are categorized into minor and major procedures. The position of the nipple in relation to the lower fold of the breast is the most important variable in determining whether a minor or major mastopexy is required. In general, if the nipple is above the fold but not centered, it would need a minor mastopexy. Also generally speaking, if the nipple is below the fold then a major mastopexy would be needed.

As women age, the breast tissue has less support and with child birth and breast feeding the breast tissue may deflate to a degree. So in general, women who have had children and are over 55 years old, may be more likely to need a major mastopexy. However, every patient is different and you should ask Dr. Egozi about your specific needs.


Types of Mastopexies

Minor Mastopexy

A minor mastopexy requires fewer and smaller incisions. During a minor procedure, the incision is limited to a circular or crescent-shaped opening around the nipple and areola.

Major Breast Lift

A major breast lift requires more incisions than a minor mastopexy to adequately raise the nipple. Patients can expect a vertical and horizontal incision on the breast as well as the circular areola incision. These incisions are commonly referred to as “key-hole,” “upside down T-incision” or “anchor” because of the shape. Gaining access to the tissue is necessary for the plastic surgeon to rearrange the framework of the breast, ultimately leading to the desired results.

Breast Lift Surgery Recovery

Weeks One and Two

• You may experience mild bruising and swelling.
• You will be prescribed medication to help you deal with the discomfort.
• Typically a compression garment or sports bra is recommended during the first 1-2 weeks.
• Avoid bending over, stretching and sleeping on your stomach.
• You may sponge bathe the first 2 days and then you may shower.

The First Few Months

• Underwire bras are not recommended; wear a support bandage or bra at all times.
• As you heal and your nerves recover, you may feel an itching or tingling sensation.
• Refrain from lifting anything over your head for about 3 weeks and avoid lifting heavy items for four weeks.

After the First Months

• Your incision will fade typically to a fine white line.
• You will be given information on methods to minimize visibility of the incisions.

Successful Results

Dr. Egozi has taken modern techniques and modified them to achieve the best outcomes for his patients. Adapting his methods has allowed him to create the perky, full breasts that create a more youthful appearance. He can successfully operate without the need for breast implants in many cases, while achieving the similar desired results.

If you are interested in a breast lift, please contact Dr. Egozi to schedule a consultation. There, you can learn more about the process, and receive a recommendation regarding whether or not implants would be beneficial.

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