Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Tampa Bay

Breast reconstruction restores shape, size, and appearance by utilizing implants and a series of plastic surgery techniques.

Patients who seek reconstruction most commonly do so after a mastectomy – a surgical procedure that removes one or both breasts to treat or prevent cancer. Reconstruction surgery can take place simultaneously with a mastectomy or at a later time.


Benefits of Breast Reconstruction

Many women who have undergone breast reconstruction report an improvement in mental health because of renewed confidence in their body. It is typical for patients to feel more self-confident, experience good self-esteem, and improve their sense of femininity and sexuality.


Types of Procedures

There are different types of breast reconstruction procedures. One surgical procedure involves using tissue from the back, buttocks, or belly to form a “mound” that serves as an implant. However, the most usual method utilizes silicone implants, which are sacs filled with either silicone gel or salt water (saline). Procedures usually take two or more operations to be completed.

Breast reconstruction surgery replicates a natural in appearance, but not in touch. The same sensations that a natural breast has cannot be reproduced in a reconstructed breast. There may be visible incision lines left from the procedure, similar to those left by a mastectomy. If the “mound” technique is utilized, there will be incision lines exposed in the area of the body from which the tissue was used.

Although the feel will not be natural, the contour of the breast will.

Each patient is different and requires special treatment. Age, body type, and cancer treatments play a significant role in determining which kind of treatment best suits the patient. It is possible that multiple procedures, such as a breast lift or augmentation, are necessary. Additional procedures are recommended to improve symmetry, position, and size – ultimately achieving the desired results.

All patients considering breast reconstruction must schedule a consultation appointment. It is important for patients to become empowered by learning about what reconstruction can do for them, which procedures are available to them, and what they can expect during and after surgery.

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