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Ptosis Explained

Most of the time facial surgery patients explain their “…tired or mad appearance…” even though they “…DON’T FEEL sleepy or angry…”

Ptosis is a medical term used to describe drooping brows. It is a common condition that naturally occurs as we age. Over time, our eyebrows start to droop lower and lower, to the point where our upper eyelids obstruct our vision, causing a weighty sensation.

Ptosis also causes horizontal creases in our foreheads. To combat the heavy sensation felt on the eyelids, we subconsciously raise our eyebrows, preventing the heavy feeling. In turn, horizontal creases form on the forehead, which becomes most notable when resting.

Endoscopic Forehead Lift

Brow lifts treat both the eyebrows/forehead and the eyelids. Both facial features are integral pieces of a person’s facial appearance. Treating one but not the other can enhance the drooping look, making patients look even angrier, which is why it is common to handle both features simultaneously.

Brow lifts is a comparatively less-invasive surgical procedure that requires a minimal amount of incisions. There are a few different methods. However, the two most prominent are the coronal brow lift and the endoscopic brow lift.

The coronal brow lift is one of the oldest and most vetted techniques. Plastic surgeons have used this method for decades, with many highly-regarded ones still using it today. It is a simple procedure that uses an incision from ear to ear.

Coronal brow lifts are not appropriate for everybody, though. Patients who have a high hairline or have thinning hair pre-surgery, are not suitable candidates for this procedure. This method causes the hairline to rise after surgery, meaning there will be plenty of evidence that a procedure took place. Patients who have a low or normal leveled hairline are ideal candidates for a coronal brow lift.

Brow Lift – Forehead Lift

An endoscopic brow lift utilizes fewer incisions and does not elevate the hairline. A series of small “buttonhole” sized incisions are made and with the use of a camera, and stitches or dissolving sutures, the brow is set into place.

Dr. Egozi is capable of performing both methods. Each patient is different and upon consultation and conversation, a recommendation can be made that addresses the needs and wants of the patient.

To contact a consultation appointment, feel free to contact Dr. Egozi directly.

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