Eyelid Surgery in Tampa Bay

Upper Eye Surgery

Eyelid surgery is often performed to treat brow droop, medically known as ptosis, to remove excess skin or fat, or to treat a combination of the three. Excess skin, fat, and brow drooping causes the upper eyelid to appear full, which creates a tired, run down, and occasionally angry facade.

Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is a procedure that eliminates or shifts fat, muscle, and skin around the upper eyelid to create a natural appearance. The result is a firm eyelid that looks natural and adds youth to a patient’s appearance.

Lower Eye Surgery

Blepharoplasty can also be performed on the lower eyelid to treat sagging or swollen lids, which creates a similarly exhausted and angry look that swollen upper eyelids present. Eyelid surgery on the lower lid repositions or eliminates fat, skin and muscle. Such a procedure ensures that a patient’s eyes do not appear gaunt or hollowed out, creating a youthful look.

Upper and lower eyelid surgery are commonly performed simultaneously to achieve the desired results. A combination of blepharoplasty and a forehead lift is sometimes executed as well to rejuvenate a patient’s face fully. Other times, laser resurfacing is included in the treatment to tighten the skin.

Dr. Egozi takes his time to study each patient’s facial features, taking into account the facial structure, the anatomy of the eyelid, the shape of a patient’s brow. This attention to detail minimizes the risk a patient suffers from dry eyes or an unnatural appearance after surgery, and is the primary reason Dr. Egozi’s patients experience beautiful results.

It is important that patients empower their selves by becoming further educated on the topic of eyelid surgery before undergoing the procedure. A consultation appointment with Dr. Egozi will provide the patients the opportunity to gain further knowledge about their options. There are numerous methods to rejuvenate one’s eyelids, and it is important for patients to understand their options.

Likewise, a scheduled consultation gives Dr. Egozi the opportunity to study potential eyelid surgery candidates in more depth. At this consultation, he can provide recommendations and present surgical options based on his evaluation.

To schedule a consultation appointment at Dr. Egozi’s office in Clearwater, very close to Tampa, contact Dr. Egozi toady.

To learn more about eyelid surgery and see the past results, visit Dr. Egozi’s photo gallery. The gallery provides candidates the opportunity to see Dr. Egozi’s modern techniques and excellent results.

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