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Debra Plesluska is a licensed Medical Esthetician. She works with Dr. Egozi to restore and maintain his patients’ skin health and beauty.

Debra has 19 years of experience as an medical esthetician. She customizes each patient’s treatment to meet all of his or her needs. By receiving personalized care, patients find that their skin is refined and rejuvenated after treatment. Patients feel at their finest physically and mentally after facial treatment with Debra.

Medical esthetician’s are trained and licensed professionals that are experts in skin treatment, health, and maintenance. Through the use of exfoliation, skin cleansing, massages, and aromatherapy, they rejuvenate their patients’ skin. They also analyze skin for inconsistencies and concerns, and at times remove hair.

Medical esthetician’s are often asked to work with cancer patients, burn victims, and others who have damaged skin. Burn units, trauma centers, and reconstructive/cosmetic surgery centers are common places of employment for esthetician’s.

Debra Piesluska Licensed Aesthetician

They will work with patients who have undergone chemotherapy, or experienced accidents such as chemical spills or fire damage that caused injury to their skin. Medical esthetician’s will apply moisturizer, clean their patients’ skin, and assist in choosing the makeup of patients whose skin has been harmed and damaged.

The Egozi Plastic Surgery Center provides a variety of different facial treatments. Debra administers all facial treatments that are suitable for men, women, and teenagers seeking healthy and rejuvenated skin. Patients looking to treat conditions related to acne, skin texture, tone, and overall appearance are welcome to schedule an appointment.

Facial treatments available include the Custom Facial, the European Facial, the Medical Grade Microdermabrasion, the Microderm Combo, and the Therapeutic Facial. Each treatment is designed to treat specific skin ailments.

Most of our medical esthetician’s facial treatments include some form of deep cleansing and exfoliation, as well as a combination of massages, and moisturizers. It is a relaxing experience that benefits not only the skin but also a person’s mental health thanks to its distressing abilities.

Debra will hold a consultation appointment with each patient before any treatment occurs. The consultation grants her the opportunity to evaluate the skin condition of each patient, permitting her to make proper treatment recommendations.

To schedule a consultation appointment, call the Egozi Plastic Surgery Center at 727-461-5872, or connect with Debra personally at Debbie@EgoziPlasticSurgery.com.

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