Thigh Lifts

A thigh lift, or a thighplasty, is a cosmetic surgery procedure that improves the proportionality of a patient’s thighs with their abdomen, buttocks, and legs. To achieve this, the surgeon tightens the skin, thus reducing drooping in the inner and outer thigh.

Thigh lifts are particularly beneficial for patients looking to alter the shape while reducing sagging.


There are different forms of thigh lifts, all of which differ by the incision used. More often than not, thighplasty is performed as an outpatient procedure, meaning the patient will be put under anesthesia, sedating them and not knocking them unconscious. Regardless of the technique recommended, they all involve an incision that allows the surgeon to lift the skin to remove fat and then tighten the skin. The leg is then stitched up with deep sutures that support the new contour.


Thighplasty is a relatively invasive surgery, and the length of the surgery varies on a patient-to-patient basis. It is common for patients to require two to three weeks of recovery time. Patients cannot travel for at least two weeks after the procedure, and should remain bedridden for at least ten days post-surgery. Patients should keep their legs somewhat bent to reduce tension on the incision lines and to minimize scarring and pain.

Risks & Recovery

There are some dangers associated with any surgery. Those risks include anesthesia risks, asymmetry, bleeding, blood clots, bruising, fluid accrual, changes in skin sensation or numbness, skin loss or discoloration, infection, bleeding, scarring, swelling, and soreness.

Men and women commonly seek thigh lifts. Candidates most frequently undergo thighplasty because they have lost elasticity in their buttocks, hips, and thighs, their skin is sagging; dimples have appeared, or their thighs’ appearance has significantly changed. Patients who recently experienced a substantial amount of weight loss often seek inner thigh lifts in combination with other plastic surgery procedures.

Thigh lifts are frequently performed simultaneously with other cosmetic surgery procedures as part of an extensive makeover. In some cases, liposuction is recommended to patients before undergoing a thighplasty.

Before surgery, an examination of the patient must be completed to determine the best course of action.

Contact Dr. Egozi to schedule a consultation appointment. This appointment allows the patient to become more educated about the process and gives Dr. Egozi the opportunity to gather more information to make an accurate recommendation to achieve patient’s desired results.

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